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The Font-Cache List Control. For an explanation of the columns I recommend explicitly to read the PDF-Specification, which can be found here.

Font Type:  CFF, PostScript Type1, TrueType, OpenType with 'cff' Data Block, TrueType in an 'sfnt' Mac Resource Wrapper, OpenType with 'cff' Data Block in an  'sfnt' Mac Resource Wrapper, TrueType Collection or OpenType Collection with 'cff' Data Block. This value is empty if the file is not recognized as font.
File Path: The file path
Mod. Date: The date of the last modification
The following values will be filled only for fonts.
Font Index: The index, if the file contains more than one font.
Font Name: The main font name
Family Name: The font family name
Alternative Names: Alternative font names, e. g. if there are more encodings for this font
Flags: 'F'=FixedPitch; 'E'=Serif; 'S'=Symbolic; 'C'=Script; 'N'=Nonsymbolic; 'I'=Italic; 'A'=AllCap; 'M'=SmallCap; 'B'=ForceBold
Bounding Box: The font's bounding box contains rectangle coordinates that encapsule all glyphs.
Italic Angle: The angle of italic glyphs
Weight: The font's weight, e. g. 400 means Normal and 700 = bold, valid values reach from 100 to 900.
Ascent: font ascender
Descent: font descender
CapHeight: Height of capital letters
xHeight: Height of lowercase letters
StemV: Index for the thickness of vertical lines in glyphs.
Number of Glyphs: Total number of all glyphs in a font.
Unicodes: List of all identified Unicodes
CID-Registry: The CIDSystemInfo "Registry" Entry for CID Fonts
CID-Ordering: The CIDSystemInfo “Ordering” Entry for CID Fonts
CID-Supplement: The CIDSystemInfo “Supplement” Etry for CID Fonts
CID's: List of all CIDs for CID Fonts. The meaning of the CIDs depends on the CIDSystemInfo

A glyph preview for the selected font is shown in the lower area. The text displayed there is called “pangram”. Via the menu link “Pangram Select” you can select its language. Further information about pangrams can be found here.