Welcome to InsideFont


The application InsideFont is freeware and may be copied and used by everybody. It’s not allowed to sell InsideFont or to distribute it with other conditions as those mentioned here. Use on own risk


If you find any bugs or miss a feature in InsideFont, the easiest way is to send an eMail. I will always reply and provide updates as soon as possible.
The ADi-FontEngine is a platform independent software library that can be licensed by everybody. If you are interested or have some questions, send an email to info@insidefont.de. See ADi-FontEngine for further information.


Here some personal information about me. I (Andreas Dippe) live and work in Berlin, the German capital, I’m married and father of an adult son. I work for a software company in Berlin (callas software gmbh) which concentrates on developing of PDF validation- and correction software. I work in the position of a “senior software developer” and am responsible for the PDF core functionalities. The result of this work can already be found since several years in Adobe Acrobat Professional. I worked significantly on the “Preflight” Plug-in.
During my leisure time I developed a quick, compact and portable FontEngine, which is used as well by callas software gmbh in “pdfToolbox” and “pdfaPilot” since 2013.