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Encodings & UNi-Codes

Unicode are the identifiers (ID) of glyphs, 'cause the question in a computer is in fact – Which character is this, inside of this font actually? A Unicode is a number assigned to a font character as its ID. This assignation is done by the ISO (International Organization of Standardization). Unicode have a long history which can be read here. The Unicode are separated in ranges in dependence of which language or writing system they belong to. For example there are areas for “Basic Latin”, “Mathematical Operators” or “Greek and Coptic”.

IIn this tab, the Unicode, found for the selected font will be presented. In the upper left there a graphical overview about the so called BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane), these are the Unicode from U+0000 up to U+FFFF. In this control you can click the ranges to get an overview about its glyphs..

In the lower left there’s a tree control which also displays the ranges and the related glyph indices of TrueType and CFF fonts. In PostScript Type1 fonts instead of the Glyph-Index the Glyph Name will be displayed.

In the “About” menu there is a link “Show Summary Text” if this is activated a text control will be displayed below which contains Unicode information in an easy-to-copy format. This link has a similar effect to the tab “All Font Files”.