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The ADi-FontEngine is a C++ library (static or dynamic, 32 or 64 bit) for analyzing and manipulating of fonts, as files or streams, e.g. from a PDF file. It’s optimized for PDF programs.


  • C++ developing, to provide best performance
  • Consists of not more than 37 source code files (1,44 MB), with an average of 850 code lines including PostScript Parser
  • 100% platform independent, Windows, Linux, Mac-OS X, no use of native operating system font API’s
  • 32 or 64 bit code implemented
  • Integrated Font-Cache. Font-Cache is a compact, high performing, extendable and flexible Font database
  • Available as source code
  • Integrated *new* PostScript Engine, no GhostScript nor something similar
  • CMap file support. CMap is a Adobe PostScript format for storage of encoding information
  • Optimized for the use in PDF environment (parsers, validators, manipulators, creators, …)
  • Font formats: TrueType, CFF, OpenType, PostScript Type1, Mac ‘sfnt’ Format Wrapper, …
  • Creation, manipulation and repairing of font streams
  • Adobe Standard PostScript Glyph Names Support
  • Creation of a easy-to-format font- and glyph-dump
  • Getting glyph-outline information using cubical Bezier curves
  • Calculating of the width and the bounding box of a single glyph
  • Receiving all available encoding information of all glyphs of a font
  • Creation of SVG files for a glyph
  • Saves fonts for direct embedding in PDF files
  • Doxygen Documentation

Possibilities of manipulation:

  • Creation of complete new TrueType and CFF fonts
  • Lossless conversion of PostScript Type1 Fonts to CFF Fonts
  • Creation of a subset-font, reduces the number of glyphs to a subset
  • Repair of glyph width information
  • Changing of the font name
  • Conversion of TrueType and CFF fonts to a CID font
  • Adding glyphs to font streams