Welcome to InsideFont

One Glyph

Here it’s all about the glyphs. On the left hand side there always will be an overview of at max 3000 glyphs where you can select a glyph. In the middle the glyph will be shown..


Display source of coordinates and dot matrix

Display glyph bounding box and width

Fill glyph in blue

Border glyph in black

Draw contour anchors yellow and Bezier anchors grey

Show red cross hairs if contour anchor is selected

Zoom to max size

Show horizontal Stem Hints (CFF and PostScript Type1*)

Show vertical Stem Hints (CFF and PostScript Type1*)

On the right hand side, in the Tree Control, general information, as Encoding, Glyph Name, etc. are displayed. Followed by a detailed list of glyph drawing commands and contour anchors, this list depends strongly from the font type. Last but not least for TrueType and CFF fonts, the raw binary data, or single coded bytes.

* Hinting Information are available only for CFF und PostScript Type1 Fonts, this is because oft he fact that they are defined directly in the glyph description. This are hints for a Rasterizer, to fit dominant vertical and horizontal lines in Glyphs better to the Output Raster.