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InsideFont is an application, that provides a view behind the scenes of a font file to everybody interested. The Application demonstrates and exemplifies the constitution of structures and contexts inside a font file. How encoding works and how glyphs (font characters) are composed in detail. InsideFont is available for Windows and Mac.

InsideFont contains an extremely fast Font-Cache for a quick overview about installed fonts and other font collections, even of those, which have already been exported to external hard drives. Users of a multicore CPU in their computers will be happy about the multithread-capability of the Font-Cache, because several fonts will be analysed in parallel.

InsideFont is using a new FontEngine (ADi-FontEngine), which has been optimized for running in PDF Software. It's a complete redevelopment in C++ which is 100% platform independent, portable and fast. It supports the Font-Formats required in PDF environment PostScript Type1 Fonts, CFF Fonts, CFF-CID Fonts, OpenType Fonts, TrueType Fonts, TrueType Collections. Further, several wrapper formats are supported i.e. Mac Resource ‘sfnt’ files. ADi-FontEngine is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x86 and 64), Mac-OS X and Linux/Unix.

Special thanks to the wxWidgets community, because the GUI of Inside Font was created entirely with this open source library.