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FontEngineDBank.h File Reference
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineError.h"
#include <vector>
#include <deque>
#include <set>

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struct  FontEngine::TDBComp< T, S >
 The default comparison function template to sort items in data bank class. More...
class  FontEngine::TDBank< T, S, N, P >
 flexible data bank class template More...
struct  FontEngine::TDBank< T, S, N, P >::TIterator




enum  FontEngine::EDBCompActionRes { FontEngine::edbaInsertAlways, FontEngine::edbaOverwriteInsert, FontEngine::edbaInsertNever, FontEngine::edbaThrowIfExist }
 The insert action enum, to set data bank behavior if a item will be inserted, modified or imported. More...
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