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FontEngineGlyphNames.h File Reference
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineTypes.h"
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineDLL.h"
#include <string>

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FONTENGINE_EXPORTS std::string FontEngine::findGlyphNameFromUnicode (const TCharCode &unicode)
 get Adobe PostScript glyph name from unicode or empty string if no name exist More...
FONTENGINE_EXPORTS TCharCode FontEngine::findUnicodeFromGlyphName (const char *gname, unsigned char len)
 get Unicode from Adobe PostScript glyph name from Unicode or empty TCharCode if no Unicode exist More...
FONTENGINE_EXPORTS bool FontEngine::setUnicodeRange (const TCharCode &unicode, unsigned char unicodeRange[16])
 set Unicode range in unicodeRange pattern came from OS/2 table TrueType font see More...
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