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PDF Optimized FontEngine
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FontEngineTypes.h File Reference
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineTCode.h"
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineDBank.h"
#include "FontEngine/FontEngineDLL.h"
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <bitset>
#include <set>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

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struct  FontEngine::TWidth
 struct to keep glyph width info More...
struct  FontEngine::TGOutline
 struct to keep glyph outline, width and stem hint info More...
struct  FontEngine::TFPoint
 struct to keep single 2D point More...
struct  FontEngine::TBBox
 struct to keep rectangle More...
struct  FontEngine::TGlyphBox
 struct to keep glyph bounding box and width More...
struct  FontEngine::TGlyph
 the glyph data struct, used as main type in font cache data bank class More...
struct  FontEngine::TEncInfo
 the enum to encoding settings, to understand the sense see OpenType Spec More...
struct  FontEngine::TEncGlyph
 struct glyph data bank with encoding information More...
struct  FontEngine::TDumpEntry
 dump result entry struct keep information about one dump entity More...
struct  FontEngine::TDumpParam
 dump parameter struct to select all dump feature More...
struct  FontEngine::TEmbFontData
 struct to define glyph decriptions inclusive outline data for input or modify new or existing glyphs More...
struct  FontEngine::TEmbFontParameter
 contains parameter to create new font or subset existing font More...
struct  FontEngine::TFontDictionary
 contain font properties, derived from PDF format, see also FontDescriptor More...
struct  FontEngine::T1PiecesLength
 the length of the three parts of PostScript Type 1 fonts More...




typedef std::vector< double > FontEngine::TNumberVec
typedef std::basic_string< char > FontEngine::TBlock
typedef FontEngine::TCode FontEngine::TCharCode
typedef TCharCode::TUNiData FontEngine::TUNiData
typedef std::pair< const char
*, unsigned int > 
typedef std::wstring FontEngine::TPath
typedef std::vector< TPath > FontEngine::TPathVec
typedef std::set< std::string > FontEngine::TAltNameSet
typedef std::pair< unsigned
short, bool > 
typedef TNumberVec FontEngine::TCoordVec
typedef std::vector< TCoordVec > FontEngine::TPointsVec
typedef std::pair< double, double > FontEngine::TStemPair
typedef std::vector< TStemPair > FontEngine::TStemVec
typedef TDBank< TGlyph,
TGlyph::egsCID+1, TGlyph > 
 the font cache data bank type definition, good sample for TDBank template class More...
typedef std::vector< TEncInfo > FontEngine::TEncInfoVec
typedef std::vector< TEncGlyph > FontEngine::TEncGlyphVec
typedef std::pair< TEncInfo,
TGlyph > 
typedef std::vector< TGInfo > FontEngine::TGInfoVec
typedef std::vector< TEmbFontData > FontEngine::TEmbFontDataVec
typedef std::bitset
< eeffUseGNames+1 > 
typedef unsigned int FontEngine::TPDFFontFlags
 combination of bits from EPDFFontFlags More...


enum  FontEngine::EDumpType {
  FontEngine::edtGeneric, FontEngine::edtHeadline, FontEngine::edtStringUTF8, FontEngine::edtCFFCard8,
  FontEngine::edtCFFOffSize, FontEngine::edtCFFCard16, FontEngine::edtCFFSID, FontEngine::edtCFFOffset,
  FontEngine::edtCFFGID, FontEngine::edtCFFOperator, FontEngine::edtCFFBoolean, FontEngine::edtCFFNumber,
  FontEngine::edtCFFArray, FontEngine::edtCFFDelta, FontEngine::edtCFFDictData, FontEngine::edtCFFINDEXData,
  FontEngine::edtCFFFDArray, FontEngine::edtCFFFDSelect, FontEngine::edtCFFGlyph, FontEngine::edtT1Operator = 100,
  FontEngine::edtPSOperator, FontEngine::edtT1Null, FontEngine::edtT1Boolean, FontEngine::edtT1Fixed,
  FontEngine::edtT1Integer, FontEngine::edtT1Name, FontEngine::edtT1String, FontEngine::edtT1Array,
  FontEngine::edtT1Dictionary, FontEngine::edtT1Procedure, FontEngine::edtT1Glyph, FontEngine::edtT1FontName,
  FontEngine::edtT1GlyphData, FontEngine::edtTTDirectory = 200, FontEngine::edtTTBYTE, FontEngine::edtTTCHAR,
  FontEngine::edtTTUSHORT, FontEngine::edtTTSHORT, FontEngine::edtTTULONG, FontEngine::edtTTLONG,
  FontEngine::edtTTFIXED, FontEngine::edtTTFUNIT, FontEngine::edtTTFWORD, FontEngine::edtTTUFWORD,
  FontEngine::edtTTF2DOT14, FontEngine::edtTTLONGDATETIME, FontEngine::edtTTTableHead, FontEngine::edtTTBitEnable,
  FontEngine::edtTTBitDisable, FontEngine::edtTTGlyphName, FontEngine::edtTTGlyphCoord, FontEngine::edtTTGlyphMtx,
  FontEngine::edtTTGlyphEmpty, FontEngine::edtTTGlyph, FontEngine::edtTTNumContour
 enum to interpret dump result entries, this is a metainfo to get context information More...
enum  FontEngine::ENameIgnoreMarker { FontEngine::enimIgnore = 0xffff }
 The ignore marker to select ignore state for platform, encoding and/or language parameter. More...
enum  FontEngine::EFontOutType { FontEngine::efotCFF, FontEngine::efotCIDCFF, FontEngine::efotTrueType, FontEngine::efotCIDTrueType }
 enum to define possible font output format type used by font write functions More...
enum  FontEngine::EEmbFFlags {
  FontEngine::eeffSymbol, FontEngine::eeffPDF1_4Compliant, FontEngine::eeffPostScript, FontEngine::eeffHiResTT,
 enum to config some font output traits if font should be converted, subseted or created More...
enum  FontEngine::EPDFFontFlags {
  FontEngine::epdfFixedPitch = 0x00000001, FontEngine::epdfSerif = 0x00000002, FontEngine::epdfSymbolic = 0x00000004, FontEngine::epdfScript = 0x00000008,
  FontEngine::epdfNonsymbolic = 0x00000020, FontEngine::epdfItalic = 0x00000040, FontEngine::epdfAllCap = 0x00010000, FontEngine::epdfSmallCap = 0x00020000,
  FontEngine::epdfForceBold = 0x00040000
 enum to define various characteristics of a font, derived from PDF format, see also FontDescriptor Flags More...


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const FontEngine::TCharCode &charcode)
 global stream out operator for FontEngine::TCharCode as hex encoded string More...

Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const FontEngine::TCharCode charcode 

global stream out operator for FontEngine::TCharCode as hex encoded string

osthe out stream
charcodethe FontEngine::TCharCode instance
the out stream instance
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