ADi-FontEngine  1.0
PDF Optimized FontEngine
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCFontEngine::T1PiecesLengthLength of the three parts of PostScript Type 1 fonts
oCFontEngine::TBBoxStruct to keep rectangle
oCFontEngine::TCacheItemThe main font cache data struct
oCPostScript::TCIDData< K, V >TCIDData is the cmap data template struct, used to keep cmap data bank class, the data are always simple key/value pairs
oCFontEngine::TCIDToUNiCodeAbstract class interface from CID to Unicode converter. CID's are Character Collection for CID-Keyed fonts from Adobe saved in CMap files
oCPostScript::TCMapDictCMap dict information
oCFontEngine::TCode< t_bufSize >Template class to keep small memory objects
oCFontEngine::TDBank< T, S, N, P >Flexible data bank class template
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TCacheItem, TCacheItem::ECSelector, TCacheItem::ecsLastSelector, TCacheItem >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TCCodeCID, TCCodeCID::ESelector, TCCodeCID::eValue+1, TCCodeCID >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TCCodeName, TCCodeName::ESelector, TCCodeName::eValue+1, TCCodeName >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TCCodeUNi, TCCodeUNi::ESelector, TCCodeUNi::eValue+1, TCCodeUNi >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TGlyph, TGlyph::EGSelector, TGlyph::egsCID+1, TGlyph >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TRangeCCode, TRangeCCode::ESelector, TRangeCCode::eValue+1, TRangeCCode >
oCFontEngine::TDBank< TRangeCID, TRangeCID::ESelector, TRangeCID::eValue+1, TRangeCID >
oCFontEngine::TDBComp< T, S >The default comparison function template to sort items in data bank class
oCFontEngine::TDumpEntryDump result entry struct keep information about one dump entity
oCFontEngine::TDumpParamDump parameter struct to select all dump feature
oCFontEngine::TEmbFontParameterParameter to create new font or subset existing font
oCFontEngine::TEncInfoEnum to encoding settings, to understand the sense see OpenType Spec
|\CFontEngine::TEncGlyphStruct glyph data bank with encoding information
oCFontEngine::TFontThe primary font class with short sample to open font and get glyph information:
oCFontEngine::TFontCacheFont cache class
oCPostScript::TFontCodeMapCMap storage struct keep all possible CMap data
oCFontEngine::TFontDictionaryContain font properties, derived from PDF format, see also FontDescriptor
oCFontEngine::TFontErrorFontEngine C++ exception type
oCFontEngine::TFPointStruct to keep single 2D point
oCFontEngine::TGlyphGlyph data struct, used as main type in font cache data bank class
|\CFontEngine::TEmbFontDataStruct to define glyph decriptions inclusive outline data for input or modify new or existing glyphs
oCFontEngine::TGlyphBoxStruct to keep glyph bounding box and width
oCFontEngine::TGOutlineStruct to keep glyph outline, width and stem hint info
oCFontEngine::TDBank< T, S, N, P >::TIterator
oCPostScript::TPostScriptErrorPostScript C++ exception type
oCFontEngine::TFontCache::TProgressAbstract font cache progress bar class
oCFontEngine::TPSCMapPostScript CMaps files will be used to define encodings or tounicode mappings
oCPostScript::TPSFunction< class to support PostScript function objects defined in PDF Documents
oCFontEngine::TRange< T >
oCFontEngine::TFontCache::TSearchIteratorFont cache search iterator class
oCFontEngine::TToUNiCodeEncAbstract class interface from Character-Code to Unicode converter
oCFontEngine::TUNiDataOut< PT >
\CFontEngine::TWidthStruct to keep glyph width info
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