ADi-FontEngine  1.0
PDF Optimized FontEngine
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Application Programmer Interface for ADi-FontEngine
Andreas Dippe, © 2013
created 18.11.2013

ADi-FontEngine is a powerfull C++ programing library with focus to use in PDF environment.
The ADi-FontEngine library source code is very compact and simple no other librarys will be needed or used, except of boost library.
In Version 1.0 the library consist of 37 source files (1.44 MB) with an average of 850 source code line including the Adobe-PostScript interpreter and all header files.


  • Very fast and small.
  • Integrated Font-File-Cache with small integrated data bank modul.
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac-OS X, Linux, AIX and Solaris), (32 and 64 Bit support).
  • Load, change, convert and write all supported font files

Special PDF Support:

  • Load CMap files for encoding of character codes or Unicodes
  • Standard Adobe-PostScript glyph names support.
  • CID fonts.
  • Make subset of any font.
  • Write fonts to embedd into PDF file directly.
  • Support all font formats needed by PDF (TrueType, Type1, OpenType, CFF, ...).
  • Includes all predefined CJK CMap files.
  • PDF Type 4 (Adobe-PostScript Calculator) functions support
InsideFont and ADI-FontEngine : Andreas Dippe, © 2013